• CDI Flexo Ctp Digital Flexo Plate Making Machine

CDI Flexo Ctp Digital Flexo Plate Making Machine

Technical Parameters
Model NOMax Produce Capacity
ALD-5080F-11.3/2.5 ㎡/h
ALD-5080F-22.6/5.0 ㎡/h
ALD-5080F-34.0/8.0 ㎡/h
Products Details

1.Max plate size 2032*1270mm(80*50inch)

2.Thickness of plate 0.95-4.7mm

3.Output Media: Output Media: Digital flexographic water-washable letterpress plates;Digital flexographic water-washable plates; Digital flexographic solvent-washable plates;

4.Main application Label, Trademark, Package

5.Resolution 4800DPI/2400DPI、4000DPI

6.Loading Method: Manual Loading

7.Interface: Gigabit Ethernet

8.Size of machine: L×W×H=3500mm×1630mm×1100mm,2700kg

9.Power: 220VAC 50/60Hz 8kW Peak

10.Environment: Best environment temperature 18-30℃, Humidity 40-70% non condensing

Why Choose Us
our advantages
our advantages

1. One-stop purchasing, all products related to flexographic printing can be purchased from our company

2. With our own 3 plate making factories, we can provide customers with all flexo printing solutions including factory founding, design, plate


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After sales support
After sales support

1. Feedback fast

2.There are professional engineers and after-sales personnel to provide customers with services and solutions

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