• Dye Ink for flexographic printing plate making

Dye Ink for flexographic printing plate making


1. Colour: Black

2. Ink type: Water-based

3. Volume: Available for 500ml, 1liter, 20liter packing

4. This pigment ink can be compatible with various printers, include printers for Eposn, HP, Canon etc.

Technical Parameters
Eco-friendly Solvent Washing ChemicalDye InkFlexo photopolymer plate double sided mounting tape1. High resolution
2. Waterproof, and UV protect.
3. Good abrasion resistance
4. Good scratch resistance and washing resistance.
5. High covering power
6. high opacity
Why Choose Us
our advantages
our advantages

1. One-stop purchasing, all products related to flexographic printing can be purchased from our company

2. With our own 3 plate making factories, we can provide customers with all flexo printing solutions including factory founding, design, plate


Customized products and packaging are welcomed,aolide can help you to build your own brand and also can help you  to make your innovations to actual products

After sales support
After sales support

1. Feedback fast

2.There are professional engineers and after-sales personnel to provide customers with services and solutions

Packaging and Transportation