• How to Deal with the Dirty Surface of Photosensitive Polymer CTP Printing Plate? 20-11-23

    At present, many newspapers across the country have introduced CTP computer-to-plate technology in order to improve publishing efficiency. Of course, the application of new technology is not entirely smooth. CTP computer-to-plate technology will inevitably encounter some problems, including the printing plate endurance is not ideal. , After printing on the machine, the layout is easy to be dirty and difficult to clean, and the overprint is not accurate. Flexo plate making machine supplier suggests that you can consider three aspects when encountering the dirty problem of the CTP plate during printing: the quality of the plate, whether the plate making process is operated properly, and printing problems. 1. Plate quality The transportation and storage conditions of CTP plates are relatively strict and have a certain shelf life. For example, it requires that it should be placed in a sealed packaging box before exposure, and the environment should be dry and cool, and only when the packaging box is selected under the irradiation of yellow light can it be opened for exposure and development. Its shelf life is generally one About years. Because the stability of the photosensitive layer of CTP plate material is relatively low, it is 1000 times lower than that of PS plate. Therefore, a little carelessness will affect the chemical properties of the CTP plate surface coating layer, so that the hydrophilic properties of the blank part of the plate surface after exposure and development will be affected, causing the plate surface to be dirty after printing. For the CTP plates purchased in the early days, the printing plate produced by the flexo plate making machine would be dirty on a large area, and it was difficult to remove it, so it had to be replaced with a new plate. On the other hand, the printing plate produced under the same conditions as the newly purchased plate is very clean and there is no dirt on the plate. Repeated comparison tests show that there are problems with the quality of that batch of old plates. It is possible that the quality of the plate is not good when it leaves the factory, and it is also possible that the quality of the plate is deteriorated due to the operation of the plate in the process of transportation and storage that does not comply with the requirements of the specification. The solution is to require the manufacturer to ensure that the product quality, transportation, and storage process strictly follow the specifications. 2. Whether the plate making process is operated reasonably: The insufficient exposure time of the CTP plate and insufficient developer concentration or development time will also make the hydrophilic properties of the blank part of the CTP printing plate not meet the requirements; this will also make the CTP printing plate easy to get dirty after printing on the machine. Here is a small experience: if we know that there is a problem with the quality of a batch of plates, or the concentration of...

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  • Overview of Domestic Printing Equipment 20-11-03

    Overview of Import and Export of Domestic Printing Equipment From January to April 2020, the import of printing equipment was US$516 million, a decrease of 19.4% compared with the same period last year. Among them, pre-press equipment imports were US$14.13 million (down 16.2% year-on-year), printing equipment imports were US$451 million (down 19.7% year-on-year), and post-press equipment imports were US$50.21 million (down 17.4% year-on-year). In April, printing companies and equipment and equipment manufacturing companies in various places (except Hubei) have basically resumed work. However, due to the fact that the overseas epidemic has not been effectively controlled, coupled with the influence of factors such as poor transportation and supply chain disconnection, the overseas order fulfillment rate has dropped significantly. In this issue, the import and export of printed matter, printing equipment, and printing equipment have decreased at the same time, which is a reflection of the current operating status. Compared with the same period last year, both imports and exports of domestic printed matter decreased in this period, but the decline in exports (-40.2%) was far greater than the decline in imports (-10.8%); although the imports and exports of printing equipment and printing equipment were both at The state of decline, but the decline in imports is greater than that in exports. Imports of printing equipment fell by 19.4%, exports fell by 11.8%; imports of printing equipment fell by 8.5%, and exports fell by 2.0%. The first two items with the largest changes in the import sub-items were printed matter (ticket printed matter -22.6%, office printed matter -21.1%), printing equipment (flexo printing machine-43.8%, book binding equipment-43.9%), printing equipment (PS Version -30.8%, water-based inkjet ink-27.4%). The first two items with the largest changes in the export sub-items were printed matter (office printing material-68.6%, ticket printing material-65.0%), printing equipment (gravure printing machine -25.7%, offset printing machine 18.9%), printing equipment (flexible plate material) 11.6%, PS version -9.0%). With the gradual improvement of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the dynamics of the international industrial chain and its impact on the domestic printing industry have begun to attract industry attention. The Ministry of Commerce recently stated at a regular press conference that the international industrial supply chain is formed by the long-term selection of enterprises in the process of economic globalization, reflecting the advantages, division of labor and cooperation of various economies around the world. At present, China has not seen the withdrawal of foreign capital and the relocation of the industrial chain and supply chain. Can such a statement relax the industry's hanging heart a little?

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  • Digital Photopolymer Flexo Plate--New Product 16-06-15

    Good news! We finally launch new product that is digital photopolymer flexo plate after we made series of test during long time. We got many good comments on the product's quality performance from clients.  Comparing with analog flexo plate,digital plate needn't to print film and put printed film onto analog plate. In this case,you can save some prodcution cost and production time. Besides,our engineer will provide technical guidance timely if you have some problems.   For the digital plate series,we have 1.14mm,1.7mm,2.54mm,2.84mm 3.18mm and 3.94mm thickness plate. These digital flexographic printing plate can be used to print Film、Label、flexible package、Carry bag、Folded paper box,Beverage package printing and varnish,Napkin etc. 

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Product Description


a.The series equipments including washing/exposure/de-tacker/drying unit. The upper unit is washing unit, and then is exposure unit,detacker unit,drying unit. 

b.This equipment is the shell adopts # 304 stainless steel manufacturing, strong, beautiful and durable.

c.The way of wash is to rotate brush,the benefits of rotate brush is: when wash plate you also can stir solvent, makes solvent more evenly; Not only the brush pressure can be adjusted, and the pressure of solid plate of the platform also can adjust.I it helps to make more fine flexible plate. Rather than the brush of rotating machine wash plate not have this feature. 

d.Exposure using imported UVA lamp, This unit configuration radiator thermostatic tubes. Can ensure the precision of the plate making, prevent high temperature heat led to breathe in unstable conditions.

e.Light treatment unit is using imported UVC lights (if the size of the equipment is small, UVC lamp is made in China, because the lamp of no small import UVC size). Light treatment by corrosion durable drawer of epoxy board, prevent ozone corrosion of metal. This unit configuration powerful exhaust device, used for discharge light processing caused ozone.

f.Drying unit is set 2 drawer drying, the hot air circulation structure, can guarantee that all around the evenness of temperature, temperature than ≤±5℃ negative difference within. Automatic timing, automatic constant temperature, and alarm, configure automatic constant temperature exhaust function, and can effectively guarantee and the drying temperature conditions, automatic emissions caused by dry timely and penetration in the flexible plate of ozone in chemical solvents, the drying speed, the energy conservation.

g.Generally it is better to save space if you purchase this all in one plate making machine. But the large size,it needs to adopt split type machine. 


1200mm x 800mm,900mm x 600mm,750mm x 450mm,420mm x 300mm etc.

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    .Name: UV Drying 6 Color High Speed Flexo Plate Making Machine   2.Specifications & Parameters Model Plate-Making Size Dimension Power Power Net Weight JS550 550 X 350 800 X 750 X 1000 220V 50HZ 2.2KW 250KG JS400 420 X 300 650 X 600 X 1000 220V 50HZ 1.8KW 200KG JS750 750 X 500 1100 X 1000 X 1050 220V 50HZ 1.5KW 200KG JS900 900 X 600 1250 X 1100 X 1050 220V 50HZ 2.0KW 310KG JS1200 1200 X 800 1450 X 1200 X 1050 220V 50HZ 2.2KW 380KG   3.Pictures Characteristics: 1. It is made of stainless steel shell, featuring in durability and won’t get rusty. 2. Adopt imported PHILIPS specification printer lamp, rectifier. 3. Imported slow reflective violet suction membrane. 4. Computer controller enables it to be easily operated. 5. Adopt American digital integrated them to sensor. 6. Fully automatic printing plate washer assembled with imported green sheet-sicking device. 7. Japanese Panasonic or oriental printing plate washer, Japanese ORIX constant dry oven featuring in strong wind. 8. Computer micro-controller program control, full electronic digital display. 9. It is a good equipment, which integrated exposure, printing plate washer    and drier.   If any request please contact me directly     Skype:szaolide002       Whatsapp:008618051104201 

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  • Flexo plate making machine aolide flexo plate making machine for processing flexo plate

    1.Introduction: a.The series equipments including washing/exposure/de-tacker/drying unit. The upper unit is washing unit, and then is exposure unit,detacker unit,drying unit.  b.This equipment is the shell adopts # 304 stainless steel manufacturing, strong, beautiful and durable. c.The way of wash is to rotate brush,the benefits of rotate brush is: when wash plate you also can stir solvent, makes solvent more evenly; Not only the brush pressure can be adjusted, and the pressure of solid plate of the platform also can adjust.It  it helps to make more fine flexible plate. Rather than the brush of rotating machine wash plate not have this feature.  d.Exposure using imported UVA lamp, This unit configuration radiator thermostatic tubes. Can ensure the precision of the plate making, prevent high temperature heat led to breathe in unstable conditions. e.Light treatment unit is using imported UVC lights (if the size of the equipment is small, UVC lamp is made in China, because the lamp of no small import UVC size). Light treatment by corrosion durable drawer of epoxy board, prevent ozone corrosion of metal. This unit configuration powerful exhaust device, used for discharge light processing caused ozone. f.Drying unit is set 2 drawer drying, the hot air circulation structure, can guarantee that all around the evenness of temperature, temperature than ≤±5℃ negative difference within. Automatic timing, automatic constant temperature, and alarm, configure automatic constant temperature exhaust function, and can effectively guarantee and the drying temperature conditions, automatic emissions caused by dry timely and penetration in the flexible plate of ozone in chemical solvents, the drying speed, the energ...