• Analog Solvent Flexo Printing Plate

  • Analog Solvent Flexo Printing Plate

Analog Solvent Flexo Printing Plate

1) Excellent dot and isolated line reproduction

2) Solid printing performance

3) High latitude of exposure and processing

4) Good ink transfer

5) High impression

Technical Parameters
Rigidity(Shore A)36
Recommend relief depth(mm)2.2-3.0
Image reproduction3%~95%
Maximum line line/inch85
Minimum isolated line0.3mm(0.0118inch)
Minimum isolated dot0.50mm(0.0197inch)
Suitable inkSuitable for water and alcoholbased ink, incompatible with oil-based ink, hydrocarbon solvent or the ink containing ethyl
acetate of more than 25%
Mainly applicable fieldCorrugated board
Size mm(inch)
457×762 (18×30)
762×1016 (30×40)
762x1067 (30x42)
900×1200 (35.4×47.2)
1067×1524 (42×60)
1067×2032 (42×80)
1270×2532 (50*80)
Why Choose Us
our advantages
our advantages

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After sales support

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