• Digital Photopolymer Flexo Plate--New Product 16-06-15

    Good news! We finally launch new product that is digital photopolymer flexo plate after we made series of test during long time. We got many good comments on the product's quality performance from clients.  Comparing with analog flexo plate,digital plate needn't to print film and put printed film onto analog plate. In this case,you can save some prodcution cost and production time. Besides,our engineer will provide technical guidance timely if you have some problems.   For the digital plate series,we have 1.14mm,1.7mm,2.54mm,2.84mm 3.18mm and 3.94mm thickness plate. These digital flexographic printing plate can be used to print Film、Label、flexible package、Carry bag、Folded paper box,Beverage package printing and varnish,Napkin etc. 

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  • Whole Set Flexible Plate Making Machine Exported to VIetnam 16-06-07

    Flexible Plate Making Machine! One set flexible plate making machine was exported to Vietnam recently. This set machine includes automatic lifting exposure machine,washing machine,detackfying machine and solvent recovery machine. Clients come to our factory for visiting and checking the quality of flexo plate making machine when they are ready.Our engineer demonstrated the machines to clients and clients are pleased to our machine after they checked.    We got positive feedback. Clients are satisfied with the product performance when they manage these machines in their country.   If you have any interest or questions,please feel free to contact us.  

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  • Visit Spain Customer 16-06-07

        From last year our  spain customer has came to china three times to visit our factory to lean the plate making.After long time communication he finally buy one set of our plate making machine,including:photopolymer exposure machine,flexo plate washing machine and plate baking machine.     29th May 2016 our company three person visit spian to install the machine and check the investment projet.    

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Manual Lifting Flexographic Photopolymer Plate Exposure Machine
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Product Description


Manual Lifting Flexographic Photopolymer Plate Exposure Machine



2.Specifications & Parameters

Model:ALD05-4260                                                                        Plate Making size(mm):1520x1060           

Washing Machine size(mm):1780*1390*1020                            Voltage (V):380V




The series equipment including KMF-LE Lifting type exposure machine,KMF-LD de-tacker/drying combination machine and KMF-AW automatic connection type of washing machine .


1.)KMF-LE Lifting type exposure machine


Exposure unit for lifting type, using imported UVA lamp.This unit configure thermostatic radiator ,to avoid high temperature heating cause unstable vacuuming during high network plate making process.


2.)KMF-LD de-tacker/drying combination machine



De-tacker unit is drawer, using imported UVC lamp and sino-foreign joint venture production of philips ballast.the baseboard of light treatment drawer is made up of corrosion resistant epoxy board, slide way is made of stainless steel, prevent ozone then can not corroding metal and soil plate. This unit configure strong powerful exhaust device, for exhaust ozone airflow.

Drying unit is drawer, set 2 drawer drying, there are three side can blow hot air and circulation structure, can guarantee that all around the evenness of temperature, range of temperature between ± 5 ℃ difference within. Automatic timing, automatic constant temperature, and alarm, configure automatic constant temperature exhaust function, and can effectively guarantee and the drying temperature conditions, automatic emissions caused by dry timely and penetration in the flexible plate of ozone in chemical solvents, the drying speed, the energy conservation.


3.)KM-AW Automatic connection type Flexible plate washing machine


This machine adopts touch screen control system,it can be automatic pressure positioning,automatic constant solvent temperature, automatic pump in and discharge solvent,high pressure blow.Wash unit is made of 304 # stainless steel .it use PLC to adjust wash pressure,stores up different thickness version material,the thickness is 0.01-7.00mm that choose by PLC controler .Brush is made of best nylon bristle, the way of wash is flat brush + round rolling brush mixed crisscross move ,suitable for requirement of high precision.Wash version can be infinitely long, uninterrupted large production of flexo produce.

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